Santhosh Koneru is a Freelance Graphics Designer & 3D Generalist. He entered the industry as a digital matte painter, after a couple of years he started writing tutorials for most of the major online tutorial websites. His hunger for learning more has always pushed him to the edge and try something new. so, after 4years of working as a digital matte painter, UI/UX designer and Photoshop Instructor, he moved to Hollywood for specializing in 3D and VFX.

After a year and half of vigorous practice of various 3D softwares and an incredible help from industry's best instructors at "Gnomon School of Visual Effects" he developed the skills required to bring his imagination to life. 

He likes accepting a challenge that intimidates him, because in the end it is more rewarding to see not just the output of it but also the confidence you gain from overcoming the intimidation. 

If he had to design a T-shirt...the caption on it would be "EVERY PIXEL COUNTS".